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Eight Puzzle game solved by A* algorithm

Here you can find eight puzzle game solved by A* algorithm.


A* (A star) algorithm described here can be used to solve the Eight Puzzle game. It is well known game where one want to order tiles in a specific order (let's call it a 'goal state'). For instance this:




Below you can find an applet searching a state-space to find 'path' (set of states) from a initial state to the goal state. In the right pane you can set up the initial state of the game. Then just press the 'START' button. Enjoy :).



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0 #1 Mike 2013-06-24 19:06
I tried this out. I think your heuristic has a problem. I attmpted the initial state 021345678. This can be solved in exactly one move. This program has been crunching on it for 5 minutes and still has not found the solution.

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